Hession Energy provide SEAI Commercial BER Ratings In Galway, Limerick, Dublin and Ireland Nationwide.

What Is A Commercial BER Rating?

A Commercial BER Rating (Commercial Building Energy Rating) is an asset rating which evaluates the energy usage of a property based on various factors including:

  • The building fabric
  • Heating / cooling systems and associated controls
  • Windows
  • Doors

Commercial BER Ratings are measured on a scale from A to G with an A1 being the most efficient rating and G being the lowest rating.


Who Needs A Commercial BER Rating?

A person who offers for sale or letting, whether in writing or otherwise:

  • A new building other than a dwelling, the construction of which commences on or after the 9th January 2013, or
  • A building other than a dwelling that is in existence on or before the 9th January 2013
How Much Does A Commercial BER Rating Cost?

The cost is dependent on the size and complexity of the property. Our priority is to ensure that we deliver a high quality service at the most competitive prices so contact us today for a quote!

How To Improve Your Commercial BER Rating

Firstly it is important to ensure that you provide the Assessor with as much information as possible about your building. This will enable them to make accurate entries about the building rather than relying on default values, which will adversely affect the overall rating. Upgrading of building fabric, heating / cooling, lighting systems and associated controls can also have a huge impact on the rating. Talk to one of our experts to see how we can help.