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SEAI Technical Advisors

Due to the ever-changing climactic landscape, people are looking at new ways of improving their homes energy efficiency and carbon consumption. One of the ways to do this is to install a heat pump to replace the existing oil, gas or solid fuel boiler. 


To qualify for the current grants available for the heat pump systems, a technical assessment must be carried out on the property. Our SEAI Technical Assessor will visit your house, measure the dwelling to determine floor area, volume and surface areas of all heat loss elements, this, in conjunction with taking site photos, getting copies of product data information and filling out the survey form. The technical assessment is based on the energy balance taking into account a range of factors that contribute to the dwelling energy efficiency and overall heat loss. These include ventilation method, building materials used for the construction of the dwelling, thermal bridging and solar gains through openings of the dwelling. 

The findings of this site inspection are used to calculate the overall HLI (Heat Loss Indicator) if the HLI is below 2, the house qualifies for the heat pump grant. If the HLI is above 2, the assessor will make recommendations of required upgrades to the insulation, windows & doors, ventilation & airtightness that will result in an improvement in the HLI value, thus making the house more energy efficient and thermally comfortable. 

The Technical Assessment in conjunction with the Energy Model of your house will provide you with a ‘road-map’ of what needs to be done.


Many of the technical assessments we have carried out, in conjunction with our advice and experience, has resulted in houses going from a poor BER rating of E, F or G, up to a very efficient rating of B1 to A1 rated dwelling, despite the home being built over 50 years ago!

We have carried out technical assessments nationwide and are happy to help you on your home improvement journey. 

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